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How long r the vines going to be available for purchase? 

until august 15th!




–BECAUSE HINA AND I ARE GOING TO NEW YORK!!!!! OFFICIALLY!!!!! we just bought the tickets!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!

thank you to everyone who bought our zine, we couldn’t have done it wi thout you! of course, that’s just the plane ticket, but with luck we’ll continue to sell enough to fund the adventures of our trip!

Anonymous asked:
Would you ever consider selling the zine's bonus keychain, bookmarks, stickers etc as separate merch? I think it could earn you some extra profit,, I really hope you guys reach your goal and get to meet each other!! 

ye we might if we have overstock. idk who we’re ordering from [gestures to hina] but if we have extras we’ll deffo sell them separately

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering if there was a digital version of the Kingdoms concept art zine that could be purchased or is it only sold as a physical copy? Thanks in advance for answering aaaa 

hina wants to sell it as a physical only kind of bonus, so you can only get a physical copy! sorry about that!

Anonymous asked:
I think the way you have written midoriya really works with his character in p&p, the process of how he got to the point of being all sassy etc has also been portrayed well enough and therefore, I think, the characterization of him is perfectly fine and normal. You also have to keep in mind that he's much older in the fic than he is in canon so he would probably have had a lot more experiences where he has gained some confidence etc etc okay I'm running out of characters now so I should go lol 

thank you! i know i started ic so i guess i have to be happy with the fact that his change in personality is believable over the passage of time, haha. i actually really suck at sticking to characterization as fics get longer, i’m surprised people don’t call me on it more often? but thank you for saying it works for you. that’s the kind of validation i need.

Anonymous asked:
so like is everyone just in love with zexal protag 

routine apology for ooc midoriya in p&p. at some point i just let my muse take control and he became this confident, sassy child instead of………midoriya.

Anonymous asked:
I didn't mean to make you feel like you should have posted it separately I'm so sorry I didn't mean for it to sound like that 

no no no omg sweetheart it’s fine!!! you’re not the first person to be like ‘eh, would’ve preferred p&p without nsfw’

i was just talking about this on twitter but i think it’s a new Fandom Mood, which is FINE, i mean it’s really no hassle for me to separate the nsfw from main fic?? i can’t do it for p&p at this point but in the future it’s really, REALLY not a problem at all. idk why but lately ppl just aren’t feeling the nsfw which works for me bc im not either!

the way nsfw affects me personally is actually a real fucked up mess so this change is kind of a relief honestly,,,

Anonymous asked:
I really want to finish reading p&p but like,,, the sex scenes aren't really for me etc and I feel really bad for that bc i love the story but idk i don't mean for this to sound rude or anything etc so I was just wondering if the kiribaku fic will have sex in it? I'll probably still read it even if it does but,,,yeah 

nah i feel you man. and while there’s a lot in 13-15, that’s the only instance of sex in the fic?? no more for the last 100,000 words. seeing stuff like this makes me wonder if i should cut it out and post it separate but it’s really too late since i’ve incorporated plot and characterization in-between sex scenes so [shrugs]

and nope! no more longfics will have sex in them! the kiribaku pirate au will be rated T [thumbs up emoji]